Beginning of a beautiful story

Always, since I was a child, I had a fondness for tea; it was quite a mystery. And when I talk about this very special drink, I remember my mother, the one who aroused this curiosity, because in my native country, where everyone drank mate because it was a popular drink, she drank tea, why? I do not know yet….

My favorite silence…

I always remember those moments, how she prepared her favorite drink with time and dedication. Only she, unconsciously, made her tea ceremony, and finally my presence remained as a witness to this tremendous experience. It was special because an overwhelming harmony was felt at that moment, an infinite silence that was only broken by the sound of the water that was already hot falling on the tea leaves; that scene was fantastic and unrepeatable for both of us….

When the tea was ready, it was the best part, because the sips were slow and widely spaced, because the delight was deep, the pleasure was an eternal resource when savoring that exquisite drink that was only given at that moment. All this scene happened naturally on a daily basis as part of our lives, the words were unnecessary and we only respected the sound of the environment that kept us company in a unique ritual, where that liquid that we drank, expressed through our faces the greatest expression of happiness.